How quickly can I sell my house for cash?

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December 19, 2023

House for Cash: Sell Your House Fast for Top Dollar

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Over the past decade, the ability to sell your house fast for cash has become increasingly popular. The convenience of getting a quick offer on your house and being able to close in days, not months, is appealing to homeowners looking to sell quickly. But how fast can you get cash in your hands? Let’s take a closer look at what selling to a cash home buyer entails and a realistic timeline for closing. 

What is a cash home buyer?

Understanding the Concept of a Cash Home Buyer

Cash home buyers are investors or companies that have cash on hand to purchase homes outright without needing financing or loans. This ability to skip traditional financing allows these buyers to purchase homes much faster. Some common types of cash home buyers include:

– Investors in real estate engaged in the renovation and resale of houses.

– Large investment companies and funds

– Wealthy individuals looking to diversify into real estate investments

For homeowners in Arizona who want to convert their property to instant cash rapidly, partnering with a trusted direct home buyer like Real Offers is the solution.

Real Offer – Lightning-Fast Cash Offer Process  

Real Offer's Impact on Real Estate Transactions

Our customized cash offers and accelerated purchase process allow us to buy houses faster than any other area cash home buyers. The basic process for selling your home to a cash buyer is quite straightforward. Here is how it works:

1. Tell Us About Your Home  

 You can contact us via phone, email, or online form. Provide details like address, bedrooms/baths, square footage, etc about your property. This takes less than 10 minutes.

2. Get Your Offer

We will usually order a property appraisal and inspection within days to assess the home’s value and condition. Our acquisitions team will research, assess, and prepare a formal cash purchase offer for your review. In less than a week, most cash home buyers will provide an official cash offer on your home. Cash offers don’t fall through or have financing issues, so there’s less risk of the sale not closing.

3. Pick Your Closing Date

Once an offer is accepted, we spring into action! Choose your ideal closing date and we will make it happen. Our behind-the-scenes process enables such rapid timeframes. As soon as an offer is accepted, we order inspections, clear the title, line up closing services, and prepare closing paperwork. We take care of everything to get you cash fast. Closings can take place in as little as 7 days. At closing you hand over the keys and property deed, and the buyer pays you the purchase price in cash, minus closing fees. Then the sale is done!

Unraveling the Variables that Shape Timelines

ecoding the Factors That Shape Project Timelines

While every situation is different, most sellers can expect to get cash in about 2-4 weeks when selling to one of these buyers. However, a few key factors impact exactly how fast the process takes:

  • Condition of the home – If your home requires no repairs and has a clear title, the process tends to move faster. Complex repairs or cloudy titles drag things out.  
  • Buyer workload – Popular investors get dozens of leads per week. Ones with less demand on their plate may close faster.
  • Financing amount – Big all-cash offers tend to move swifter than those requiring even some financing. 
  • Motivation level – Highly motivated sellers and buyers mutually prioritize a faster close. Less urgent situations often take longer.  
  • Market conditions – In hot markets, good deals get snapped up fast by hungry investors so they don’t lose the opportunity.  

If maximizing speed is vital, proactively preparing your home to show well, having all paperwork ready, and communicating your desire for a quick close to interested buyers can also help accelerate the process.

The Key Benefits of Selling House for Cash to Cash Buyer

Unlocking the Advantages: Selling to a Cash Buyer

Some key advantages sellers enjoy include:

  • Top dollar offers – You’ll often net about the same or higher price than selling traditionally. Cash buyers aim to purchase below market value, but still make competitive offers. Private buyers don’t need to nitpick small repairs to get financing either.  
  • No showings or open houses – One notable perk is the elimination of showings and open houses. By opting for a quick cash sale, you sidestep the tedious process of preparing your home for viewings and the inconvenience of having potential buyers and curious visitors traipsing through your living space. This not only saves you valuable time and effort but also preserves your privacy and minimizes disruptions to your daily life. With a streamlined and efficient sales process, you can enjoy the convenience of a straightforward transaction, allowing you to move on to your next chapter without the typical hassles associated with traditional home sales.
  • Certainty of close – Cash deals are often seen as more likely to make it to closing without issues. Cash deals are renowned for their reliability in reaching the closing stage without the complications often associated with buyers relying on financing. By opting for a cash buyer, you eliminate the potential pitfalls related to financing issues, such as loan approvals, appraisals, and the risk of deals falling through. You don’t deal with buyers risking financing problems.
  • Fast access to funds – Get your proceeds in days or weeks rather than months. This appeals to those needing to liquidate quickly for financial or other reasons. 
  • Avoid paying double mortgages – If you’ve already purchased a new home, you can move fast and avoid paying two mortgages too long.

While weighing your selling options, connecting with a reputable local cash home buyer can provide clarity on how fast you can realistically complete a sale. A forthright buyer will lay out expectations upfront. Things may move quicker than a traditional sale and still satisfy your financial needs. However, cutting corners too much or choosing the wrong buyer can also backfire. Always do your due diligence when selling the biggest asset most of us own – our home! Reputable cash home buyers strive to make the experience smooth while still closing sales in an expedited time frame.

Real Offers has the expertise to continually assess and overcome obstacles slowing down transactions. If your #1 priority is converting your property to cash ASAP, request an instant offer from Real Offers now! Our experts make it easy to get record-fast cash in hand so you can move on.

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